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How to produce or build a company's web site for free, or first steps in websites building?


How to make own free website and registered free domein name? Yes vs No by CREDO WE

Fastest and most mainly used way to get free web site for one day is not the best way to promote your business online. Today can you register your desired name into a brand new website on free hosting until the end of the day you can have already prepared website? Or use a free host and ready template or web template, compose a short description of what you do, what is your business and ready. Web templates are a very good solution for a quick solution to the problem with the site but that webmasters and programmers who use a range of programs and understand programming and SEO optimization. If you and they want to have a site, then everything is fine and you to assemble a very beautiful website for you site. I confirm “beautiful website” phrase for you.
Yes you do it! Why we say NO?
Well here are some short answers:
Even if you have professional photos and templates to allow better arrangement of categories and photos will be published if not well know how to work with programs to develop sites and does not possess at least the basics of programming.
In most cases,   web design web based templates is not at all consistent with the image of your business, so it is necessary to revise professional.
Customers will not be able to find you quickly on the Internet and will not understand what you offer, you will find hard to call you for more information or to visit your place. With this type of sites unable for good and lasting indexing in search engines, but assist the site is located where you’re hosting and free domain and free to rise in forward positions. In practice, it gives you something for free that would be free, but you do your design and poor here is that speaking in the long run or put two words "madly working for and contact with you is quite difficult.


Your website work for you 24h a day!Hard and bad communication with you!

See for example free sites hit.bg. When searching the web root domain will always go before and will refer your customers and your main website.
Other disadvantages are that type sites have lower conversion. In practice, the content that will be the website that will created will be no title or / title / and cannot be visited by a robots. As You  search for a place in cinemas, but do not know where the cinema is as Overall, no address, no city, no country, no film. I do not mind free hosting, on the contrary it is very suitable and useful for many type of sites for blogs, personal pages, photo gallery, and other types of presentations are not fighting to the forefront by specific keywords or phrases, but nevertheless it must to respect the companies who maintain because it is thought they have given something to enjoy for free, and these are their resources and efforts to maintain this free service.
But I think you will agree with me that is not at all serious one company, even if it is a small and using a free domain and free hosting since the own domain and hosting plan can be purchased for about 30-40eur per  one year. I personally would not look at serious business proposals from such a company for many reasons and I do not think belong here comment them.


Web design and SEO optimization by CREDOIs your website in Global Network?

If you need an excellent and effective presentation of your business in internet, you are the right place. We offer excellent craftsmanship of the website corresponding to your needs and corporate identity. We develop and low budget websites from 100 to 200 euro. Making flash sites flash sites, websites with full functionality + online store, online shop, seeking the optimization of machines and robots, maintenance of web sites, web solutions, consulting on new web technologies on the Internet, deployment of solutions  websites.
Now quality Internet presentation is required. No matter whether you are a construction company, organization or non-profit company with a large and diverse business, you must have a need for quality and lasting performance Internet access, presence and professionally designed and maintained web site, unless you CEZ, E ON, Lukoil, BP or  Shell.
Remember that the Internet is one of the largest and most powerful weapons and advertising your site working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The main goal is to build for you constructive site with a unique web design that meets the specifics of your company and business at the same time to provide information security in a convenient and easy to understand way. All websites are different and need to seek and find the best solution.
For some websites, such as news sites and publications with a simple design but beautifully formatted text, for the reason that information itself is interesting for users and visitors and other websites are plastered with links to realize profits from clicks.
Recent studies show that already around 70% medium-sized companies in World use the internet for corporate presentation to attract customers, advertise and increase popularity of your company's products range.
However, due to its high prices many of the websites and web solutions are available only for thick companies. We strive to find the best combination and provide good sites at reasonable and affordable for all businesses, traders and producers even. We produce websites free homes, homes for disadvantaged children or deprived of parental care homes for elderly people, and for amateur theater troupes and folk clubs, private individuals and non-profit and non-commercial working selflessly for the benefit of society.
To hire designed to support Web site or attorney law firm in a situation that is committed to take at least three / 3 / cases annually for free , forced people redundant from work, which is not paid them their due wages by the employer. Because the state is powerless in this area, our hope is that somebody has to beat them in his brain and senses for them not to relate to their employees unfairly and not treat them like slaves. Such cases in our dear homeland have a many  cases of fraud.


If you ask how and why we do this with free sites?

How do we know? It is important to you you're happy! Learn more

All websites are different and need to seek and find the best solution. Our New offer!


Unique  design themes according to your business.
Animated buttons on the homepage.
Homepage Flash presentation in two languages. One more  language that you desire, then provided your translated text. Number of internal pages to-10pages.
Counter Site visits / open or hidden, optional /
Optimization of content and keywords connected with company activities.
Free Advertising a banners in three sizes.
Google Site Map.
Duration of work for 4 days!
2 months free support, maintenance and updating of the site.
Promo Price 199.00 Euro without VAT. Possibility of deferred payment in three equal installments!
Described web package "CREDO KILLER" is an example! We would like emphasize that they can always agree specific requirements, which in turn adjust the functionality and difficulties for final price and time of manufacture. For detailed offer according to your needs for your web site we encourage you to send a message or contact us to hold a brief meeting which also would understand your needs and requirements but  we will  give you the necessary information on what you necessary, what with text and photographs should acquire and what is the best solution for you.


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